A Mirror is the only thing that sees you all the time.

Words by Lyric | July 18th 2023

It’s a sunny afternoon in British Columbia where Artist, Lauren Spencer Smith, is taking this press conference from the comfort of her own home. She goes on later to tell us that due to the commercial success of her initial songs, she was able to buy her mom a house which is now a line in the bridge of “Do it All Again,” the last song on her debut album “Mirror.” “I bought my mom a house from the heartbreak royalties.” It is quite a clever line, one that cuts deeper than its 10 words. 

“I bought my mom a house from all the heartbreak royalties.”

The title of Lauren’s debut album, “Mirror,” depicts growth in reflection. A Mirror is the only thing that sees you all the time. Even if you run out the door and don’t check how you look, it still catches your reflection. When asked what inspired her new album, she stated that it was the relationships in her life and rather the falling out of relationships. At 19, she has learned how she is always left being the Bigger Person and how difficult real relationships are to navigate. Whether it is a past friend relationship that can be heard on “Best-Friend Breakup,” a parental relationship on “28,” or being able to open your heart to someone again after heartbreak on “Too Hurt to Fall in Love,” Lauren’s songs and stories are equally as powerful as they are relatable.

Knowing that she puts so much personal experience into her songwriting and emotion into her vocal recording, to a listener, these songs can snap them right back to a time when they felt the same as her. So I asked her, “Lauren, does it get difficult to perform these songs live, do you also get snapped back to that emotional state you wrote the song in when you are performing live?” As a true vocalist, she explained that most of the time when she is performing she is concentrated on the actual note of the lyric rather than the meaning of the lyric itself. Saying she beats herself up if she sings an F instead of hitting an F#, which she never does… But she knows if she gets too into it, she will get overwhelmed and it can be very easy to slip back into that moment and start to cry again. On tour it helps when people sing the song with or back to her and then it becomes fun and exciting; a job that her fans do not take lightly.

Lauren was kind enough to share two unreleased songs from her album “Mirror” with us, “Bigger Person” and “Do it All Again,” which are sweeping ballads that paint the sonic pallet for the rest of the album. Her autobiographical lyrics and compelling vocals are a recipe for a timeless album “Mirror,” which is now out everywhere! Lauren said that her favorite song for listeners to hear is “Do it All Again,” but all 15 tracks are works of art and there may be a Deluxe on the way ….

Special thanks to Lauren, 1824, and Universal Music.