Tate Liverpool Presents “Radical Landscapes”

Words by Lyric | May 19th 2022

A new exhibition centered around activism, trespass, and the climate emergency.

For centuries, the British countryside has served as both a muse and a backdrop for artists, writers and various subcultural movements. A new exhibition at Tate Liverpool will present a range of creatives who ruminate on the quaint scenery through a slightly subversive lens.

“Radical Landscapes” comprises over 150 paintings, sculptures, photographs and films that showcases the British countryside as a platform to raise awareness for topics that include ownership and freedom, climate change and rebellion, to rave culture and much more.

Amongst the list of artists on view, Superflux will re-present their 2019 Mitigation of Shock installation, which meditates on future living conditions if our current climate crisis is not adequately addressed. Gustav Metzger’s “Auto-Creative Art” installation Liquid Crystal Environment will also make a reappearance.

The exhibition opened early last month and will be on view at Tate Liverpool until September 4, 2022.