Sounds different. Because it is.

LYRIC develops creative campaigns that connect brands to culture – people, places, and events. We reach audiences with a message that rings true and makes a positive impact on people’s lives. We do this by aligning the brand with things that resonate most with your audience – driving a more meaningful relationship.

Our core offering.

We develop creative campaigns with experiences at its core. This strategy allows brands to deeply engage with the few – through unique and intimate events – and inspire the millions by amplifying content created from these events.

We build BRAND CAMPAIGNS around EXPERIENTIAL driving scalable CONTENT and amplify with PAID MEDIA + INFLUENCERS.

Our content creation process.

Take your brand story to the edge with hyper focused, low investment, high reward, and digital-first creative.

Small campaigns. Big impact.

It’s creativity that starts small and scales big. Our unique approach lets you test new ideas, find new brand pillars, and explore messaging in a targeted, low-stakes way. If it’s a hit, we turn up the volume, elevating your most effective posts to higher investment marketing tactics.


  • Truth Serum Session

    Honest discussion. Real insights.

  • Identifying Key Brand Pillars

    Where the brand has (or can have) the credibility play.

  • Develop Creative Micro-Campaigns (For Each Pillar)

    Small, light-budgeted, hyper-targeted, and scalable creative efforts for each pillar.

  • Surface What Works