Jeep: Creativity That Breaks New Ground

Brand Campaign , Digital , TV , Video

It started with a song.

When Jeep approached us to license “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, we thought it was standard procedure. We never thought it would lead us down a path of possibilities.

But it did.

We gave Jeep the keys and full creative license to put on an event for fans of the brand—and the band. From licensing the chart-topper to full 360 campaign, we took the wheel with Jeep delivering concert assets, band likeness, and a venue for Jeep’s marketing.

We initiated cultural chatter via TV, radio, digital, and social channels.

It worked: The audience loved the connection to music and it put Jeep on the map as not only a great car to drive, but as a cultural driver. Imagine that.

Campaign Elements

  • Campaign ideation and development
  • Event activations: concert production, displays, venue, artist, hospitality, and ticketing
  • Creative assets
  • All event communications