Depp. Perry. Cooper. Dodge: Creativity That Drives

Brand Campaign , Digital , TV , Video

How do you get people to know about your new promotion? Throw a party.

We partnered with Dodge and the Hollywood Vampires to drive test-drives, creating a campaign turned cultural moment.

Through TV, radio, OOH, digital, and social channels, Dodge generated buzz for the event, encouraging drivers to visit their local dealership and claim their free concert tickets.

Experiential marketing put Dodge at the center of our on-site activation as concert promoter.

It worked: Dodge exceeded their goal, reaching over 10,000 new test-drives, while delivering an authentic experience to their target audience.

Campaign Elements

  • Campaign ideation and development
  • Event activation: concert production, location, artist, hospitality, and ticketing
  • Creative assets
  • Event communications
  • Media distribution (TV, Radio, OOH, Digital, Social)